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More than anything else in the world, Adam wants a friend. One day, walking home from school, Adam picks up a conker and - almost as a joke - he makes a wish. He wishes for a friend. But the conker leads him to something quite different: a glittering glass bird hidden in the ferns. It's the most beautiful thing Adam's ever seen, and the most extraordinary - for the bird appears to live and breathe. Could it be that this wonderful creature has the power to make Adam's wish come true?

  ISBN 0-7445-1903-9
  Years 4-6, Ages 8-11
  Walker Books

Reviewers Top Choice said:
"This is an enchanting story about a lonely boy, Adam, who longs to have a friend."

and the Baton Rouge Advocate said:
"The heartaches of growing up are explored in this story of a Quaker boy who longs for a friend and is painfully conscious of how different he is from the other children at school."

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