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"Dirty gypsy!" "Gypsy trash!"
"There'll be no begging here!"

Young Maritsa ignores the angry voices, the insults and the threats. She's heard it all before, and worse. Begging is what she does, and she's good at her job. She knows just how to appeal to the rich commuters of the Paris Metro, how to soften their hearts with her forlorn face and her crumpled tragic note. But Maritsa catches a glimpse of a different world and starts dreaming of a career in the movies...
Turning her back on her gypsy family and striking out on her own, Maritsa meets that man in the dark glasses and his pretty wife again. They've promised her a screen test. Maritsa will go home famous - she thinks. But soon young, vulnerable Maritsa is being drawn into a dark and seedy underworld,somewhere nobody should have to go.

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  ISBN 0-689-83636-8
  Years 7-10 Ages 11+
  Simon & Schuster

The Bookseller
An unusual and powerful novel that explores the dark underside of Paris’ beautiful façade; a moving and engrossing work about vulnerability and hope
The Guardian
Richemont’s novel ... does not shirk the issues of refugees and prejudice. It is a terrific page-turner.
Irish Times
Highly atmospheric and engagingly readable.