how the story begins...


If human eyes could have seen it, the Mephistopheles Tower would have hung glittering above the city like a spear of emerald ice.

In the penthouse suite, the Lady Viridiana was relaxing on a ponyskin sofa. She was three thousand years old and she was beginning to feel it. 'Just one more soul,' she was thinking. 'Another young one - a nicely matched pair would complete my collection... Then, perhaps, I'll take a break for a millennium or two.'

She yawned, showing a flash of diamond-studded teeth. 'Room service,' she called languidly, cracking her knuckles.

A slimy creature with warts came oozing through the ice screen. 'Gromble, your 'umble,' it lisped. 'What is modom's desire? Human heart, still beating? Chocolate bees in bats blood? Barbecued kittens? Or can we tempt you with soft-boiled dragons eggs in cream of rat sauce?'

Viridiana licked her lips - such delicacies, but this was no moment for self-indulgence.

'What can you offer me today,' she demanded, 'in the way of souls?'



This dangerous lady's a collector of souls, and she's looking for a new one... how much would you sell yours for? Loads of money? Being the top model on the catwalk? Or maybe just having the pony you've always wanted...