Cover image for Twice Times Danger HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL?

Becca and Daisie have been best friends for two years but their friendship has grown increasingly strained during the summer holidays before starting at different schools. Then Perdita turns up. Posh, bossy, rich Perdita, not Cornish like the others but a summer visitor, an emmet, and so identical to Daisie they could be twins, doubles - even Daisie's dog Dracula has trouble telling them apart. And from the moment the two girls meet, Becca is an outsider, a stooge in their games of swapping identities. But what begins as a joke to fool Dita's au pair, becomes deadly serious when Daisie goes missing.
Becca must solve this sinister mystery to prevent twice times danger turning into double death.

  ISBN 0-7445-2484-9
  Years 4-7, Ages 8+
  Walker Books

The Independent on Sunday said:
"This spirited adventure story for girls has two children (and a dog) uniting to solve a crime that baffles police."

while the Times Educational Supplement said:
" intriguing thriller about the jealousies of friendship... warm-hearted, unambiguous... well-judged for the older junior/early secondary level."

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