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"His cheek was smooth against mine, his satin-sleek hair slicked against my skin...
I put out my fingers and traced the curve of his lips below the unexpected roughness of the moustache. He must have kissed me. I know he kissed me..."

The photograph that hangs above Ellie's bed in the old Brittany mansion is of a handsome young man from a former age. The sort of guy any teenage girl might fantasize about. But when Ellie feels him beside her, his breath on her face and his hands on her body, is she fantasizing? And what of the wolf calling in the darkness outside her window? Another fantasy or something more shockingly sinister?

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  ISBN 0-7445-2432-6
  Years 7-10 Ages 11+
  Walker Books

Book Trust, Scotland
Perhaps some ghost of me still hovers over that puff of a bed... it's not just dead people who have ghosts.
Reading Time
This gripping novel touches on teenage romance, dark familial secrets, obsession, lycanthropy and dominance from beyond the grave. Teasingly atmospheric.
The Daily Telegraph
The call of distant wolves plays tricks with Ellie's emotions as she is drawn into a world where past and present merge. Gripping.
Words First
Imaginative, beautifully-presented and supremely readable.